The Art Room

Paintings by Robert Jr Whitall
email Robert Jr or call (248) 582-1544 to purchase a one-of-a-kind original
or a high quality reproduction and for more information.
All original artwork is on 11"x14" canvas unless otherwise indicated.

Ma Rainey

Billie Holiday 1

Billie Holiday 2

Black Cat Moan

Buddy Guy

Bob Marley

Get Rhythm When You Get The Blues

Hula Girl

Happy To Have The Blues

HoneyBoy Edwards 1


HoneyBoy Edwards 2

Little Freddie King

Muddy Waters

Robert Johnson 1

Robert Johnson 2

Mardi Gras Indian

Sky Is Crying at the Crossroads

Sweet Black Cherry

Dr John

Wild Man with the Herbs

Spy In The House
Of Love 1

Spy In The
House Of Love 2

Sly Stone

Uncle Lionel

Monk Boudreaux

Little Frdeddie King 2

Wild Man 2

Jimi Hendrix

Johnnie Bassett

Koko Taylor

Little Willie John

John Lee Hooker

Always For Pleasure
(16" x 24")

3 Blind Boys at the
end of Highway 61






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