LRBC January 2010 Photos by Shirley Mae Owens

5298: It was a Buddha thing in Miami

5312: Junior at peace

5320: Sugar at peace

5321: Sugar on Miami Beach

5333: Miamians and blues people Gerardo & Dar

5366: Delta Groove's headlady and man-Kelly and Rand

5390: "Gimme 5!" Sue Luley can give

5404: Magic Slim loves being on a cruise

5446: Deak Harp and Dave Fields keeping the ship rocking

5508: Where ever Mike Finnegan is, he can find the great cigars

5541: Junior & Mitch Woods discover a piano without keys!

5571: Junior with kona nuts in BLUES on Curacao

5675: Signed Haitian flag for the silent auction

5679: Backstage Gallery's donations to the silent auction

5681: Junior's folk art donations

5682: more Junior's folk art donations

5695: Memphis meets California Billy Gibson & Dana

5714: Two auction guitars

5719: The newest of the Neal family getting ready to perform

5730: Dave Jones and Joe Louis Walker having fun doing business

5768: The Mannish Boys on the pool deck

R3-09-15: Rand Chorkoff, Mike Zito and Kirk Fletcher warming things up on the pool deck

R3-12-12: Bobby Jones and Finis Tasby love this ship

5775: Finis Tasby waiting for his turn

5803: Father and daughter reunion on Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

5855: Roger Naber and one of the partners, Judy Alexander with the ship's finest-The Captain!

5862: BigCityBluesmagazine's raffle winner for the autographed guitar-Happy Birthday, Louise!