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Coolest Blues Song in the World 2011
2011 Finalists from Samplers #9 & #10


Alexis P. Suter,
"John The Revelator" (4:18)
Two Sides


Better Off Dead
“Yellow Cadillac” (3:31)
Girls, Guns & Money


Bill Edwards
"Twelve Step Program" (3:19)
That's What I'm Talkin’ About


Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry
"The Way Of Blues" (2:58)
The Way Of Blues


Blues Buddha Band
"Ain't No Stopping Louise" (2:36)
A Sides


Brad Vickers & The Vestapolitans
"What About Me" (4:10)
Stuck With The Blues


Chris Gill & The Sole Shakers
"Harmony Street" (4:18)
Harmony Street


Jimmy Pritchard
"Going Down 9" (3:58)
Going Down 9


Cathy Lemons & Johnny Ace
“Love Like A Fire” (3:45)



Midnight Shift
"Rhythm Rockin’ Boogie" (3:12)
Rhythm Rockin’ Boogie


Mikey Jr.
“The Cheapskate" (3:15)
It Ain't Hard To Tell


Ruff Kutt BB
"Mill Block Blues" (3:39)
Mill Block Blues


Todd Sharpville
(Featuring Kim Wilson)
"Can't Stand The Crook" (5:09)