Sacred Steel & Acoustic Blues
Birth and rebirth of the steel guitar
History of the National Steel Guitar
Music from the ‘other side’
Spencer Bohren carries the
word in New Orleans

Little Freddie King
“Look Sharp, Play Sharp, Be Sharp!”
Vasti Jackson
“Vast Eye”

John Mooney
On Son, Steel and Slides
Papa Mali
Southern Soulman with a blues heart!
Barry Kaiser
The photography professor
with a steely resolve

Chicago Blues Round Robin
Chicago Acoustic Blues
Diamond Jim Greene
Fruteland Jackson • Guy King
Matt Hendricks • Eric Noden
Fernando Jones

Ruthie Foster “Phenomenal Woman”
Richie Havens Folk Blues Pioneer

On The Road
New York City • Wisconsin • Chicago
Kansas City • Misissippi • Florida
West Michigan • Catalina • San Diego

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A cure for the blues
six times a year.






Photo by Robert Jr Whitall

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Robert Jr
Sugar Mae

Blues Radio
Michael J. Baum
WNUR Blues Show Producer

Blues Society
Baltimore Blues Society

Blues Club
BamBoo Room


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