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Goin’ Up The Country!

Sampler #31 2022

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1. Handsome Bob, and
Sugar and Junior

“Country Comforts” (:31)
Big City Rhythm & Blues

2. Bob Stroger and the Headcutters
“What Goes on In the Dark” (3:46)
Global Blues
Delmark Records

3. Big Llou 

“Lightin Strike” (3:13)
Big Man
Golden Voice Audio

4. The Jimmys

“Write A Hit” (4:42)
Gotta Have It
Self Produced

5. Donna Herula

“Can’t Wait To see My Baby” (3:25)
Bang at The Door
Self produced

6. Anthony Wild

“Gonna Have to call a Tow Truck” (3:25)
Gonna Have To Call a Tow Truck
Self produced

7. Liz Mandeville
”I like Yo Butt”(3:13 )
Wanna Get Away”
Self produced

8. Scott Ellison

“Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City” (4:35)
There’s Something About
the Night
Liberation Hall

9. Mandalyn

“Wrecked” (5:33)
Shocaroff Management Publishing Company

10. Big James Montgomery

“Bingo Blues” (4:10)
A Dose of The Blues
Jamot Music

11. Patty Tuite

“Wanna Go to Memphis” (4:02)
Consider This
Thread City Productions

12. Mike Skill
What I like About You” (2:56)
Skill..Mike Skill,

13. Pat Smillie

“Broke Down Chevy” (5:05)
Last Chance
Fat Bank Music

14. Acoustic Madness

“Well It’s Alright” (4:43)
Hanzie Records

15. Nicky T & The Snake Charmers

So Long Baby” (3:49)
Life on Life’s Terms
Self produced

16. Rare Union

“Brother Of Mine” (3:36)
Brother Of Mine
Self produced

17. Mean Old Firemen & The Cruel Engineer

”Barefootin’” (3:16)
Dumpster Fire
Self produced

18. Dave Fields
“LES Hoedown” (3:50)
Force Of Will

19. Handsome Bob,
Sugar and Junior

“Going Down To The
Country” (:31) 
Big City Rhythm & Blues

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